Reader Submissions

The person who will gain the most from any lesson is 
not the person  who needs it the most, but the person 
who is already partly aware of  it. So give your lessons 
about achievement to successful people, and 
your lessons about art to talented people, and your 
lessons about effectiveness to productive people.
Eolake Stobblehouse

Show me someone afraid to love, and 
I'll show you someone afraid to live
Joseph D. Ramirez

Love is the moon rising during the day

Sometimes it is better to 
accept then to expect.
Camille A. Miller

Take the time now to 
prepare, so your dreams 
will become reality.
Dan Collins

Find the connection . . . create
the bond . . . trust will come!
Pamela Collins

A waist is a terrible thing to mind.
Greg Zsidisin 

Only dead fish swim with the stream.

Isnt it funny how only one 
half of a broken heart is 
shaped like a tear drop?
Kristina Kaufman

Nobody made a greater mistake 
than he who did nothing because 
he could only do a little.
Edmund Burke

For in happiness we find content 
and in content we find....nothing, 
for it  doesn't exist.
Jeffrey Latham

Tis true, the view from the top of 
the mountain is great, but the view 
from  the middle isn't bad either.

Jeffrey Latham

Our fate is God's destiny
Matthew Otero

Friends are a dime a dozen, they come
and go taking what they can; leaving 
behind only experiences, while true 
friends are far and few between.
Matthew Otero

Taking dares is all about of life
Dennis Lamar

The Mirror is not cruel...
it is politically incorrect
Sean Rudd

Everything I ever knew I forgot.

The day I started to see success 
in my life was the day I blamed 
myself for everything.
Chris Gobind

Poetry is a commercial for ones soul
Maria L. Linger

What is is, and what will be will be,
or may not be ,even is may only 
seem to be, as what we know is 
what we like to think we know.
Paul Herbert aka Herbsound

Reflex knowledge. 
Just like the mirror reflects itself through
the reflected object, so Man knows 
himself through the object known. 

Love is like a lamp, when 
the light goes out you 
have to change the bulb.

No man is worth your 
tears and the one that 
is won't make you cry.

Learn from the past, 
live in the present, 
prepare for the future.

For every minute of anger you lose 
sixty seconds of happiness......
Virginia Hoover

As you say, we don't need soft 
skies to make friendship a joy to us.

What a heavenly thing it is; "World without 
end," truly. I grow warm thinking of it, and should 
glow at the thought if all the glaciers of the 
Alps were heaped over me! 

Such friends God has given
me in this little life of mine! 
Celia Thaxter

Two elephants for a quarter is a 
great deal. If you have a quarter... 
and need two elephants

Do you know why they call it "PMS"?
Because " Mad Cow Disease" was taken.
Unknown, presumed deceased

Life is to short to drink bad wine

I wish there was a word for
the feeling I get every time I see 
you.....oh wait there is LOVE