Energy and persistence alter all things. 
•Benjamin Franklin

The energy produced by the breaking
down of the atom is a very poor kind 
of thing. Anyone who expects a source
of power from the transformation of
these atoms is talking moonshine.
•Ernest Rutherford

Not only will atomic power be released,
but someday we will harness the
rise and fall of the tides and
imprison the rays of the sun.
•Thomas Alva Edison

Energy is the power that drives every 
human being. It is not lost by 
exertion but maintained by it, 
for it is a faculty of the psyche. 
•Germaine Greer

Energy is equal to desire and purpose.
•Sheryl Adams

Is it a fact -- or have I dreamt it -- that,
by means of electricity, the world of
matter has become a great nerve, 
vibrating thousands of miles in a 
breathless point of time?
•Nathaniel Hawthorne

Don't hold to anger, hurt or pain.
They steal your energy 
and keep you from love. 
•Leo Buscaglia