Prosperity doth best discover
vice, but adversity 
doth best discover virtue.
•Francis Bacon

Prosperity getteth friends,
but adversity trieth them ...
•Nicholas Ling

Kites rise highest against
the wind; not with it.
•Sir Winston Churchill

Adversity makes a man wise, not rich ... 
•John Ray

In prosperity our friends know us;
in adversity we know our friends.
•Churton Collins

Adversity has the effect of
eliciting talents,  which in 
prosperous circumstances
would have lain dormant. 

Prosperity is a great teacher;
adversity a greater.
•William Hazlitt

Adversity is the first path to truth. 
•Lord Byron

If you watch how nature deals 
with adversity, continually
renewing itself, 
you can't help but learn. 
•Bernie Siegel, MD

Nearly all men can stand 
adversity, but if you want
to test a man's
character, give him power.
•Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes adversity impels a
person to greater heights, and
sometimes it provides the 
opportunity for that person 
to be a blessing 
in the lives of others.
•Norma H. Hill

We become wiser by
adversity; prosperity
destroys our appreciation 
of the right.

If all our misfortunes were 
laid in one common heap 
whence everyone must take
an equal portion, most
people would be contented
to take their own.

Friendship is a plant of slow
growth and must undergo 
and withstand the shocks 
of adversity before it is 
entitled to the appellation.
•George Washington